The Guild Of The Dome

The Guild of the Dome Onlus is a non profit organization, born in 2012, with the objective to protect, promote and add value to the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, the institution administering the Florence Cathedral, Baptistery and Bell Tower.

The “Guild of the Dome” was founded by a group of entrepreneurs, united by the same desire to share, through art and at a global level, the artistic, cultural, social and spiritual values which enable to promote bonds between cultures.

These values are capable of bringing different people and different faiths, from different geographical areas, all together.

It was founded in Florence, Italy, where back in centuries, the guilds reached the highest level of economic effectiveness and artistic impact. It is nowadays composed of distinguished figures from all over the world.

It attracts exceptional members from all continents, who share the same universal values and are capable of thinking ahead and beyond their own lifetimes. The members bring not only funds, but most importantly their commitment and credibility to the artistic projects.

The first ambitious project has been the financing of the restoration of the North Door of the Florence Baptistery along with the production of the replica, being handed to the city last January 2016.


Today the Guild of the Dome is facing a new and thrilling project, trough the proposal of the first edition of an important international contemporary art award in memory of its founder, Enrico Marinelli (1953-2016). Enrico has always been seeing in the city of Florence, the signs of a pioneering dimension, which he truly wanted to bring back to life and to contemporaneity.

Trough this contest proposal, the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore will find new strength and energy in positioning itself again as a Fabbriceria, as a living workshop of contemporary arts being commissioned to living artists.

These forms of art will again shape the beauty of the city and the importamce of its monuments.
Florence will again benefit of new enthusiasm, not only towards classical art, but also from the interpretation of contemporary forms of art.

Together with the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, whose activities it supports, the Guild believes that beauty can penetrate the apathy of our time, communicating again the courage and hope which once shaped great architecture and art.

It believes that this task goes beyond normal cultural and temporal boundaries, and that the values incorporated in art communicate with all of humankind, now and for the centuries to come.